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LEPC Committee Members. . .

The following is a list of all LEPC Committee Members for the June 2, 2011 – August 15, 2013 appointment period:

The following is a list of all LEPC Committee Members for the June 2, 2011 – August 15, 2013 appointment period:


Name:                                      Affiliation:                                            Contact Number

James Applegate                       Red Cross                                             740-452-2731    

Carl Archer                                Fire                                                       740-754-1332

Ralph Beegan                            Mental Health (CISMS)                           740-454-8554

Sharon Cornett                          South East Area Transit                         740-454-8573

Susan Culbertson                      Muskingum County Commissioners         740-455-7100

Raymond Dailey                        ODOT/County Supervisor                        740-452-1421

Julie Davis                                 Red Cross                                             740-452-2731

Jeffrey A. Dennis                        White Castle Systems                           740-453-8320

Denise Eminhizer                       New Bakery Company                            740-588-5853

Audrey Foster                            2-1-1 Call Center                                    740-454-6872

Brent Gates                               Fire/Chairperson                                    740-826-7971

Shane Girton                             Mattingly Foods                                     740-454-0136

Richard Guss Sr.                       Fire/Elected Official                                740-453-3113

Kim Hambel                              Law/Dispatcher                                      740-819-6004

Corey Hamilton                          Health Department                                 740-454-9741

Bob Herron                                Energy Co-Operative                              740-828-9828

Jennifer Hiestand                       Health Department                                 740-454-9741

Brian D. Hill                               Elected Official                                      740-455-7100

Trevor Irwin                                OEPA                                                   740-380-5443

Jeff Jadwin                                 Fire/EMA/Vice Chairperson                     740-453-1655

Bo Keck                                    EMA Director                                         740-453-1655

Eric C. King                               Genesis/Hospital                                   740-454-5998

Mike Kirsch                               Health Department                                 740-454-9741

Phil Koster                                EMS/Community Ambulance                  740-454-6800

Russ Kuhn                                Mattingly Foods                                     740-454-0136

David Lacy                                Fire                                                       740-586-2841

Jerry L. Lavy                              Elected Official                                      740-455-7100

Dan Long                                  Muskingum County IS                            740-252-1351

Sheriff Matt Lutz                        Muskingum County Sheriff                      740-819-6029

Don Madden                              Muskingum County Water Dept               740-588-4389

Corrie Marple                             Health Department                                 740-454-9741    

Jeff Michaels                             Health Department                                 740-454-9741

Douglas J. Merry                        Law/ZPD                                               740-455-0716    

Kenneth J. Miller                        Law/ZPD                                               740-455-0706

James W. Porter                        Elected Official                                      740-455-7100

Drake Prouty                             Fire/Law/Elected Official                         740-819-4876

Tim Simon                                 Kellogg’s                                               740-450-9317

Craig Stemm                             Fire/ZPD                                               740-455-0715

Brian Taylor                               County Engineers                                  740-454-0155

Richard Warren                          OEMA                                                  614-889-7169

Chad Williams                           Genesis/Hospital                                   740-455-7710

Randy Wilson                            Law/MCSO                                            740-872-4026

Rich Wood                                South East Transit                                 740-454-8573